Paintless Dent Removal

When it comes to removing dings and dents, there is no better way to do it than paintless dent removal from Smokin Moe’s. Our team of highly trained and experienced paintless dent repair technicians can properly remove dents of all sizes without invasive patches and aftermarket paint that can be easily detected by the naked eye. If you are looking for auto body work that won’t jeopardize the structural integrity of the body or the original paint, Smokin Moe’s has you covered, because we are as well-versed in paintless dent removal as we are in automotive and home window tinting in Bucks County, PA.

Traditional auto body work can be extremely expensive, unreliable and, in most cases, very unnecessary. Our revolutionary paintless dent removal process allows us to return any panel to its original dimension and coincide with existing body lines. Unlike original body shops, we don’t use expensive filling agents and shortcuts to mask the problem area—we actually take the time to properly fix the area by using state-of-the-art techniques to restore the metal to its original paint and keep its intended factory strength intact. Don’t let an old school body shop rob your car or truck of its original beauty—let Smokin Moe’s restore the problem area to its original state.


Painting a problem area from an accident or small fender bender can be extremely difficult, and very hard to blend in with the original paint of the vehicle. We use the proper heat and techniques to slowly work out the problem areas and reshape the panel to ensure that the original paint is flexible and can reset without fading or cracking. Quit dealing with over-spraying and cheap paint used by body shops, and have the paintless dent removal team at Smokin Moe’s work with everything the vehicle originally came with.

In addition to being the foremost source of auto tint in Bucks County, PA, we are also the leaders in paintless dent repair, because we restore vehicles to their original beauty without cutting corners or using unreliable patching equipment. We not only perform the best dent repair possible—we also have the most cost-effective services in the entire auto body industry, without having to use expensive components and time-consuming techniques.

If you want to restore your vehicle to its original beauty without putting a bigger dent in your pocket, let Smokin Moe’s make that dent disappear! Call us today at 215-757-9809 to learn more about what we can offer!